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80 of the '80s Music Podcast

CK-1AK-47We're going back in time! This is the counting-down. This is the over-analysis. These are the best songs from the best artists from the best decade in pop music history: The 1980s! This is the 80 of the ‘80s Music Podcast - with your semi-confrontational hosts: (“Ex-DJ”) CK-1 and (“Rapid Fire Lady”) AK-47.

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Aug 20, 2015

In an episode full of contradictions, it’s Mullet vs. Mohawk vs. Rattail. AK-47 attempts to keep things PG. CK1 admits to a burning sensation and a Pac-Man sleeping bag.

Other mentioned artists: Wham, Babble, Weird Al, Kate Bush, Hall & Oats, Wire, Perry Farrell, Robey, Laura Branigan, After The Fire, Falco