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80 of the 80s Music Podcast

We're going back in time!

This is the counting-down. This is the over-analysis. These are the best songs from the best artists from the best decade in pop music history: The 1980s!

This is the 80 of the ‘80s Music Podcast - with your semi-confrontational hosts: (“Rapid Fire Lady”) AK-47 and (“Ex-DJ”) CK-1.


New episode "drops" 1st day of each quarter (every 3 months at 8:00 AM EST)
Upcoming: #26: October 1 / #25: January 1, 2025 / #24: April 1, etc.

Aug 31, 2016

I am the final silence.

0:00 (PG-rated) Bathtime Intro
0:05 The Nu-canny Valley
0:31 Commercial Break
0:34 Repenetraiting the Sludge
0:36 DJ Flack Presents: The Roland TR-808
0:46 2016 Reviews: Super & Lexicon of Love II
0:51 DJ Serious Presents: J-pop's Yummy Yuming
1:07 Shark or Shak?

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