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80 of the 80s Music Podcast

We're going back in time!

This is the counting-down. This is the over-analysis. These are the best songs from the best artists from the best decade in pop music history: The 1980s!

This is the 80 of the ‘80s Music Podcast - with your semi-confrontational hosts: (“Rapid Fire Lady”) AK-47 and (“Ex-DJ”) CK-1.


New episode "drops" 1st day of each quarter (every 3 months at 8:00 AM EST)
Upcoming: #26: October 1 / #25: January 1, 2025 / #24: April 1, etc.

Jul 1, 2024

For four decades, the world’s hotly debated. Now, like a back-and-forth game of cricket, we’ll settle the score: The best Men At Work album: Will it be Business As Usual or Cargo (or is there a dark horse)?

Smell the desperation...

:01: Lingo intro
:04: Cargo vs. Business As Usual (Side A)
:20: Commercial break...

Apr 1, 2024

What’s the most iconic 80sish album from the most iconic 80sish band? I think you know, but when it comes to their best song… hear us out.

It's us who makes the noise.

It's us who makes the noise.

:00: Pun-e intro
:02: Duran and then Duran
:04: Waffles & other honorable mentions
:09: Album countdown 5 to 2
:24: Commercial break
:27: Of course...

Jan 8, 2024

We're not quite ready for #28. Let's warm up with an extraterrestrial dance. Was it influenced by swing, electro-funk, the aerobics craze, Thomas Dolby, Tom Tom Club, Ultravox, The Buggles, M, UFOs, or all of the heavens above?

:01: Get the Feel
:19: Take a break
:20: Get yo Fixx

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Oct 17, 2023

It's Halloween! Let’s get into the spooky spirit with another fun and elusive BONUS MOVIE CAST. DJ CK1 is back with the Notorious JAM to review two too often overlooked masterpieces of 1980s cinema: Chopping Mall and Hack-O-Lantern.

:01: Chopping Mall review
:20 Commercial break
:22 Hack-O-Lantern review

Until we get...

Jul 20, 2023

Leave all the madness in yesterday.

:01: Hot Rod Temperton's Hot Countdown
:16: Commercial Break
:18: Battle of the Bounce (Doobie vs. Yellow Magic)
:32: Commercial Break II
:34: Honorable Mention: Metallica's One
:47: You Choose The Next Honorable Mention: Q-Feel or Heathcliff

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