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80 of the 80s Music Podcast

We're going back in time!

This is the counting-down. This is the over-analysis. These are the best songs from the best artists from the best decade in pop music history: The 1980s! This is the 80 of the ‘80s Music Podcast - with your semi-confrontational hosts: (“Rapid Fire Lady”) AK-47 and (“Ex-DJ”) CK-1.

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Oct 30, 2016

0:00 Sticky Button Intro
0:03 Holy Alien Jesus
0:10 Metal These Days...
0:21 Commercial Break
0:23 '80s Halloween Songs: Season 2
0:41 A New Challenge Appears
0:43 DJ Serious Presents: J-Pop's Sandii
0:59 Listener Mail
1:04 Semi-Horror

Featuring the Music of: Dio, Black Sabbath, Ronnie & the Red Caps, Ozzy Osbourne,...

Oct 1, 2016

Groove to the most efficient episode ever!

Featuring: 30 doors of mysterious potential! Bold jams that go down so smooth! Breeding Clowns! Moth Balls! Rick Astley! And many more!


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